About Us

In an environment of pump-and-dump schemes and suspicious potential scams, Cryptide exists as a beacon of unbias education, factual examination of emerging projects, respectful discussion, and at its core: good, old-fashioned research.

Cryptocurrency is a new and oftentimes complex technology that may leave new potential users skeptical of the impact these revolutionary tools will have on our world. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emergence can be likened to the advent and swift adoption of plastic payment cards in the 1990's only with much more impactful and wide-reaching implications. This technology brings with it powerful potential for unbound human freedom and prosperity. With any great power however comes great responsibility and the task of educating ourselves about these exciting new tools falls on our shoulders.

The goal of Cryptide is to help all individuals share this journey of education and self-directed research on the subject of these emerging financial technologies. We believe a rising tide raises all ships and that sharing information freely elicits the most beneficial types of growth. All resources created and aggregated by Cryptide are and will always be free to access. There are not and will never be paid sponsorships to support Cryptide. We are 100% donation driven.

Join us and help clear the way for the rising tide of these revolutionary financial tools and leave your mark on what is quickly becoming the most popular information-hub in the industry!

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