About Us

Cryptide exists as a beacon of thorough research, factual examination of emerging projects, respectful discussion, and at its core: good, old-fashioned collaboration. In an environment of pump-and-dump schemes and suspicious potential scams, we hope to help you achieve your desired level of success and avoid potential pitfalls.

The advent of blockchain and distributed ledger technology is already changing our world in unexpected and exciting new ways. Oftentimes complex, this technology may leave new users skeptical of its potential impact or overwhelmed by the ever-growing bodies of information associated with this new innovation.

Similar to the swift adoption of credit cards throughout the 1990’s, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency's emergence has evoked a range of emotions throughout society. This technology brings with it powerful potential for unbound human freedom and prosperity, but not without growing pains. With any great power comes great responsibility and the task of educating ourselves about these exciting new tools falls on our shoulders.

Our goal at Cryptide is to empower all individuals and share this journey of education, self-directed research, and expansion of human knowledge through technological innovation.

A rising tide will raise all ships. Information sharing and collaboration is a fundamental feature of the human experience in which we are excited to participate. Doing one’s own research is critical in the face of such a wide body of information; we look forward to doing so alongside you.

Join us and help clear the way for the rising tide of these revolutionary financial tools and leave your mark on what is quickly becoming the most popular information-hub in the industry! Make no mistake: The Tide is Rising.

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