Coincheck Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, REP – Prompted by Japanese Regulator

(May 19th, 2018) - Japanese exchange Coincheck has confirmed that it is delisting three privacy coins: monero, dash, and zcash. Augur’s reputation token will also be delisted next month. The exchange made this decision after receiving a business improvement order from the country’s financial regulator following the NEM hack.


Fed Governor Claims There’s No Compelling Need for a Federal Reserve Crypto

(May 18th, 2018) - Tuesday saw Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard deliver one of the central bank’s most detailed critiques of cryptocurrency to date. Speaking on the subject, Ms Brainard not only dismissed any possibility of the Fed entering the market, but also cautioned that digital coins pose “serious” challenges.


Bitfinex Asks Customers for Tax Data, Which Can Be Shared With Local Tax Authorities

(May 17th, 2018) - Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced that the company is required to share customer data with the British Virgin Islands’ (BVI) government, a move that has been a hot topic of debate on social media.


Germany’s Second Largest Stock Exchange Launches Cryptocurrency Trading

(May 17th, 2018) - As cryptocurrencies expand, different traditional financial institutions start to offer crypto-related services and products. This time, Börse Stuttgart, one of the most important stock exchanges in Europe and the second largest in Germany, launched a cryptocurrency trading platform through one of its subsidiaries.


Audit Results: South Korea’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange Upbit Cleared

(May 16th, 2018) - Upbit, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, has conducted an internal audit amid suspicions of fraud from national authorities. The audit results allegedly disprove the claims that the exchange has falsely reported the amount of funds it holds.


Coinbase Launches Several New Institutional Grade Products and Services

(May 15th, 2018) - Coinbase, which operates the largest crypto exchange in United States, has unveiled several institutional grade new products and services in order to tempt the world's largest financial institutions to get into the cryptocurrency market.


German Bank Uses Bitcoin’s Blockchain for International Loans

(May 15th, 2018) - The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is the largest network in the world enabling financial institutions to exchange formation about financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies are now taking over the business.


Satire: "Bankers" Protest Outside Consensus 2018 Conference

(May 15th, 2018) - Bankers were out in full force protesting against bitcoin outside of Consensus 2018 in New York City this Monday.

Source: TrustNodes

Morgan Stanley: Central Banks Could Force Negative Interest Rates with Crypto

(May 15th, 2018) - As central banks explore the technology underlying that which threatens to undermine them, experts at Morgan Stanley have suggested that digital currencies could enable deeper negative interest rates during the impending financial crisis. 


OKEx CEO Quits To ‘Start New Life’ As Exchange Overtakes Binance As World’s Largest

(May 14th, 2018) - Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx sparked criticism May 14 as its CEO resigned.  The move comes the same week the exchange’s trade volumes reportedly overtook those of market leader Binance.


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