Gemini Dollar Code Review Reveals the Stablecoin’s Accounts Can Be Frozen

(September 16th, 2018) - This week a blockchain researcher named Alex Lebed published a code review on the new stablecoin, the gemini dollar, created by the Gemini Trust cryptocurrency firm. According to Lebed’s study, gemini dollar accounts can be frozen by the exchange, and the tokens can be turned into non-transferable assets.


$150B Money Laundering Probe of Danske Bank Implicates Citigroup and Deutsche Bank

(September 16th, 2018) - U.S. law enforcement agencies have started their money laundering investigations of Danske Bank, Denmark’s largest bank, according to the Wall Street Journal. Citigroup and Deutsche Bank have been implicated. Danske Bank is also currently under investigation by Denmark and Estonia and its CEO reportedly ignored warnings of suspicious transactions.

Source: Lets Customers Buy Bitcoin via Its Crypto Wallet Portfolio Company

(September 14th, 2018) - The blockchain investment arm of U.S. internet retailer Overstock announced that its investment choice Bitsy has begun a limited beta launch of its cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, the companies confirmed in a press release Friday, September 14.

Source: CoinTelegraph 

Bragging About Crypto Wealth May Be Risky, Google Security Expert Warns

(September 15th, 2018) - Mark Risher, Google’s head fraud-fighter, has recently warned against bragging about cryptocurrency-related wealth online, as it may make crypto users a target for cybercriminals, who have been increasingly targeting the nascent industry.

Source: CryptoGlobe

From Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan: How Cryptocurrencies Are Regulated in Central Asia

(September 15th, 2018) - As been reported on September 2, the president of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, ordered the establishment of a state blockchain development fund called the "Digital Trust." Earlier in September, a decree legalizing crypto trading — also making it tax-free — and mining in the country came into force, making Uzbekistan a crypto-friendly state. But how is the rest of the Central Asia region is holding up?

Source: CoinTelegraph

Another Smart Contract Hack? EOS Dice Game Pays Single User $600K Over 36-hour Period

(September 14th, 2018) - Following a similar incident barely 4 days ago, a user on EOSBet has been paid more than $600,000 in winnings over a 36-hour period in what is either a record-breaking hot streak or a smart contract breach on the EOS-based decentralized betting platform.

Source: CryptoGlobe

Brave Browser Files GDPR Complaint Against Google, Dumps Search Engine

(September 13th, 2018) - Brave, the web browser founded by Mozilla pioneer Brendan Eich and funded through an initial coin offering (ICO), has fired two shots across the bow at Google.

Source: CCN

Landmark Crypto Crime Case Ends With Jail Sentence for GAW CEO

(September 13th, 2018) - Josh Garza, the CEO of the now-defunct cryptocurrency mining company GAW Miners, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to a wire fraud charge.

Source: CoinDesk

Data Shows We Can’t Expect Cryptocurrency to Handle Inflation

(September 13th, 2018) - Blockchain research unit Diar suggests that cryptocurrencies may not be apt at handling inflation issues, disappointing crypto evangelists who claimed otherwise.

Source: blokt

U.S. Judge Says Initial Coin Offering Covered by Securities Law

(September 11th, 2018) - A federal judge has ruled that U.S. securities laws may cover an initial coin offering, handing the government a legal victory in its effort to regulate billions of dollars in cybercurrency offerings much like stocks.

Source: Bloomberg

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