US Copyright Office Says It Does Not ‘Recognize’ Craig Wright as Satoshi

(May 22nd, 2019) - Even as bitoin SV (BSV) enjoyed a Craig Wright/Satoshi bump Tuesday, the U.S. Copyright Office was hard at work dispelling notions that it officially “recognized” anyone as the inventor of bitcoin.

Source: Coindesk

JPMorgan finally admits Bitcoin has value, here is how they measure it

(May 21st, 2019) - The world’s largest cryptocurrency has surged beyond its “intrinsic value,” mirroring a similar move in 2017 which preceded the industry’s biggest slump, JPMorgan Chase strategists wrote in a note on Friday.

Source: CryptoSlate

Crypto Industry Celebrates Annual Bitcoin Pizza Day

(May 22nd, 2019) - Today marks the nine-year anniversary of the first ever reported transaction using Bitcoin to make a purchase. A Florida-based, early crypto supporter spent 10,000 BTC on two pizzas, making history through a mundane meal purchase. Since then Bitcoin price has grown exponentially and the asset has become a widely recognized name in the financial technology sector, and sparked the creation of an entire industry of competition cryptocurrencies, all vying for Bitcoin’s top spot.

Source: NewsBTC

Collapsed Cryptopia Founder Wants You to Put Funds on His New Exchange

(May 22nd, 2019) - Because there are, apparently, second acts in crypto, the creator of the defunct Cryptopia exchange is trying again with a new exchange product called Assetylene.

Source: Coindesk

Donald Trump’s Aggressive Stance in US-China Trade War Could Be a Blessing for Bitcoin

(May 21st, 2019) - Was Bitcoin’s recent rally past $8K actually a spillover effect from the ongoing US-China trade war? Of course, any conclusion along those lines can be somewhat speculative in nature. However, a growing number of experts, including many industry insiders, seem to believe this was precisely the case.

Source: Blokt

Crypto Startup Circle Cuts 30 Employees Citing Market, Regulatory Conditions

(May 21st, 2019) - Crypto startup Circle has laid off roughly 30 people, or about 10 percent of its staff, CoinDesk has learned.

Source: Coindesk

Tether admits in court to investing some of its reserves in bitcoin

(May 21st, 2019) - Count this as the latest revelation to emerge in Bitfinex’s battle with the New York Attorney General’s office. 

Source: TheBlockCrypto

Tesla shares could drop to $10 in a worst-case scenario, Morgan Stanley says

(May 21st, 2019) - Morgan Stanley cut its bear (worst-case) forecast on Tesla’s stock from $97 to just $10 on Tuesday, citing concerns about the company’s increased debt load and geopolitical exposure.

Source: CNBC

Bitcoin whitepaper and software copyrighted by Craig Wright, Bitcoin SV price doubles

(May 21st, 2019) - Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, filed copyright registrations for the Bitcoin whitepaper and the original Bitcoin code with the US Copyright Office. The office ‘recognized’ Wright as the author, making it the first government agency to do so.

Source: CryptoSlate

SEC Shuts Down Ponzi Scheme Which Duped 300 Into ‘Diamond-Backed’ Cryptocurrency

(May 21st, 2019) - The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has halted a confirmed cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme after it took funds worth $30 million, the regulator confirmed in a press release on May 21.

Source: CoinTelegraph

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