Oscar Mayer just made a free ‘cryptocurrency’ you can redeem for slices of bacon

(April 30th, 2018) - Oscar Mayer, the cold cut company that brought us that catchy bologna song and the Wienermobile, wants in on cryptocurrency, sorta of.

Source: DailyDot.com

SEC Commissioner – ‘Investors are having a hard time finding difference between investments and fraud’

(May 1st, 2018) - SEC Commissioner, Robert Jackson believes that ICOs need to follow certain security regulations. Jackson says that the crypto space has seen some troubling developments and sometimes it is difficult for investors to tell the difference between fraud and investment. He also mentions that the market would look at ICO market without any security regulation.

Source: AMBCrypto.com

Japanese Regulator Pressures Exchanges to Drop Privacy Coins

(April 30th, 2018) - Japan’s Financial Services Agency, tasked with monitoring the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges, has quietly been pressuring platforms to delist privacy coins. Coincheck has already done so in the wake of the $400 million NEM hack. If fellow exchanges follow suit, it could signal the beginning of the end for privacy coins such as zcash and monero on Japanese and possibly even global exchanges.

Source: Bitcoin.com

Security Audit Firm Discovers Critical Vulnerability in EOS Smart Contract System

(April 30th, 2018) - Chengdu LiaAn Technology Co (LianAn Tech) and its research platform VaaS (Verification as a Service), part of the EOS.CYBEX group, has identified a critical vulnerability embedded in the EOS smart contract architecture.

Source: CryptoCoinSpy.com

MyEtherWallet Founder Will Compensate Phishing Victims On One Condition

(April 30th, 2018) - MyEtherWallet has developed from a small project to a full-fledged company. Last week, this wallet service provider was targeted by an elaborate phishing attack that led to 216 ETH being stolen. The founder promised the victims that it would compensate their losses if  “it was our fault”.

Source: Coindoo.com

Creditor petitions for declaration of bankruptcy for Bitgrail over Nano [NANO] theft

(April 28th, 2018) - A petition has been filed by Italian law firm BonelliErede asking an Italian court to announce the entities that operated cryptocurrency exchange platform Bitgrail to declare bankruptcy. It was filed against Bitgrail and its Founder, Francesco Firano.

Source: AMBCrypto.com

Binance reacts to the Sequoia Legal Case against the CEO, Changpeng Zhao

(April 26th, 2018) - According to Hong Kong court filings on March 26th and April 24th, Sequoia Capital China [SCC] sued Changpeng Zhao, the founder, and CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange for a deal gone wrong.

Source: AMBCrypto.com

Binance Allows Users Convert Crypto Dust Into BNB

(April 26th, 2018) - The giant Binance let users convert crypto dust into BNB tokens. The announcement was made via Twitter on 23rd April 2018.

Source: Coindoo.com

Cryptocurrency Traders Reported to FBI and SEC For Pump and Dumps

(April 26th, 2018) - Discord chat group Bitcoin Bravado has been accused of scheming to create a cryptocurrency pump and dump scheme by a potential member who group leader now says has a “bone to pick.”

Source: NewsBTC.com

Chilean Anti-Monopoly Court Orders Banks To Re-Open Crypto Exchange’s Accounts

(April 26th, 2018) - Major Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Buda has persuaded a court to order the re-opening of its accounts at two major Chilean banks, Bloomberg reports April 25.

Source: CoinTelegraph.com

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