Notable Cryptocurrency Influencer Ian Balina Loses Over $1 Million To Hacker

(April 16th, 2018) - Ian Balina, respected cryptocurrency investor and YouTube influencer have stated on his social media pages that he has been hacked over $1 Million. While Balina remains uncertain about the actual cause of the hack, he stated that the only clue he has was that he’s requested to change his college email after receiving notification that it was compromised.


Bank of England Governor Admits 'Cryptocurrency Not A Risk'

(April 14th, 2018) - In line with his previous sentiment expressed at the G20 Summit in Argentina earlier this year, rock-star banker Carney holds that, at current times, “cryptocurrencies aren’t a risk to the financial state.” The merits of his statement lie within the fact that cryptocurrencies “are still small and not connected to the financial system.”


Place Your Bets! Bitcoin Core Lightning Network Fails to Complete Basic Transaction

(April 14th, 2018) - Wagers really don’t settle matters, but they are a lot of fun and force advocates to have some skin in the game. In the ongoing debate about scaling, network fees, congestion and mempools, the Lightning Network is Bitcoin Core’s answer. Some in the ecosystem have doubted its efficacy. A bet was placed. If a payment failed, as opponents assured it would, the Core advocate would have to wear a bitcoin cash (BCH) t-shirt. If it succeeded, the BCH advocate would wear a Blockstream t-shirt from their Lightning store. 


JP Morgan Chase Law Suit After Singling Out Crypto-Traders

(April 13th, 2018) - Yesterday, news surfaced that JP Morgan Chase had been issued a Class Action Crypto Lawsuit after complaints that after initially, the banking giants hindered customers from buying cryptocurrencies, they added insult to injury by then increasing fees and interest rates for those customers too.

Source: CryptoDaily

Malta Attracts Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Businesses to its Island

(April 13th, 2018) - Malta is one of the countries of the European Union, and has taken important measures in order to attract different blockchain and crypto-related businesses. Now, the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong-Kong, Okex, will be moving to the island of Malta.


British Financial Conduct Authority Controls Cryptocurrencies and Other Crypto-Related Activities

(April 12th, 2018) - Around the world, many countries and governments are trying to control and regulate bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology in general. The British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is going to keep cryptocurrencies in focus and all the activities related to them and blockchain technology.


JPMorgan sued over fees for cryptocurrency purchases

(April 11th, 2018) - JPMorgan Chase & Co has been hit with a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court accusing it of charging surprise fees when it stopped letting customers buy cryptocurrency with credit cards in late January and began treating the purchases as cash advances.

Source:, Reuters

The European Blockchain Partnership Signed, €300 Million Allocated to Blockchain Projects

(April 11th, 2018) - Germany, France, UK and 19 other European countries have signed a declaration recognizing “the potential of blockchain to transform digital services in Europe.”


Bittrex Signups Reopen as Company Increases Focus on Corporate Sector

(April 11th, 2018) - Cryptocurrency exchanges remain incredibly popular as of right now. Despite falling Bitcoin and altcoin prices, the demand for cryptocurrency isn’t slowing down. Bittrex, a very popular trading platform, recently reopened the platform for new user registrations. A very positive decision after a lengthy period of not accepting new users.


European Commission to Discuss About Possible Use Cases of Blockchain Technology

(April 11th, 2018) - On April the 10th, the European Commission has decided to organize an event called Digital Day. In the event European Union (EU) countries debated about how to do more together on the digital front. Some of the most important cooperation topics discussed were artificial intelligence, blockchain, and health.


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