22 European Countries Join International Blockchain Partnership

(April 11th, 2018) - With cryptocurrencies struggling, the governments, corporations, and financial institutions have shifted their focus to the blockchain technology as evident from European countries signing the Eu Blockchain Partnership to develop and promote this technology.

Source: CoinGape.com

Bitfinex Accused Of Fraud, Denies Money Laundering Allegations

(April 11th, 2018) - One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex has been accused of being involved in money laundering scheme. The exchange conducted an internal investigation and concluded the allegations to be “untrue and unfounded”.

Source: CoinGape.com

Automated Telegram Bots Are Swamping Crypto Groups and Taking Tokens

(April 10th, 2018) - We were warned that robots would take our jobs. Now that the future is here, the reality is more mundane, but no less terrifying: the bots are here to take our tokens. Automated bots are swamping ICO groups on Telegram and helping themselves to a share of the tokens being discussed, while other bots are engaging in even more egregious behavior.

Source: Bitcoin.com

Exit Scam: Vietnamese Cryptocurrency Company Goes Dark After Allegedly Duping Investors Of US$660M In ICOs

(April 10th, 2018) - Ho Chi Minh City-based company Modern Tech has gone dark after allegedly deceiving 32,000 people into investing an estimated VND15 trillion (US$660 million) into two fake cryptocurrency projects.

Source: CoinJournal.net

Are National Cryptocurrencies Riskier Than Decentralized Virtual Currencies? Apparently Yes

(April 10th, 2018) - Several countries are trying to regulate the cryptocurrency market, and in order to do so and compete with virtual currencies, they want to create their own token. The speech around national cryptocurrencies is that they are ‘sate-backed’ something that decentralized cryptocurrencies are not. And most of the policy makers argue that they are safer investments than normal non-state backed cryptos.

Source: UseTheBitcoin.com

Arizona Approves Blockchain Bill and Becomes State Law

(April 9th, 2018) - Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have been expanding all over the world. There are many different uses that people, enterprises, and governments can give to these new technologies. Governments are trying to adapt their legal frameworks into the new reality that they are living. And that’s what Arizona did. The US state signed a bill that legitimizes blockchain technology in the North American country and the world.

Source: UseTheBitcoin.com

First It Was George Soros, Now The Rockefellers Want In On Crypto

(April 9th, 2018) - A few days ago, George Soros, the billionaire business magnate and investor, was noted to be warming up to Cryptocurrencies. This is after Adam Fisher, who oversees macro investing at the New York-based Soros Fund Management, said he had gotten internal approval for a move to trade digital assets just a few months ago. This was a complete 180 Degree turn from the early year sentiments of Mr. Soros who had vehemently stated that Bitcoin was not a currency due to its volatility.

Source: EthereumWorldNews.com

Fuel for cryptocurrency’s new war – 3 countries join the lawsuit

(April 9th, 2018) - Internet giants are wading into more trouble as 3 more countries have joined to file a joint lawsuit against them for banning crypto related advertising. The three countries which have joined the consortium of Russia, China, and South Korea are Switzerland, Kazakhstan, and Armenia.

Source: AMBCrypto.com

“No Need For Digital Central Bank Money” Says Swiss Central Bank Ahead of Referendum

(April 8th, 2017) - Andréa M. Maechler, Member of the Governing Board of Switzerland’s National Bank (SNB), has rejected calls for a central bank issued digital currency.

Source: TrustNodes.com

No, India Has Not Banned Bitcoin Trading, Government Confirms

(April 7th, 2018) - There are a lot of misconceptions regarding a recent decision by the Indian government. Various sources claim India has banned Bitcoin trading. That is not the case whatsoever. Instead, the RBI is ending its relationship between its own banks and any user or corporation dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Source: NewsBTC.com

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