Ripple tried to buy its spot on Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges

(April 7th, 2018) - Ripple or XRP is the world’s third largest cryptocurrency in terms of total market capitalization. The currency is a favorite among banks and financial institutions, who have purchase significant stakes in the currency as well as the company running Ripple. But all this backing and all this popularity notwithstanding, Ripple has still not been able to have a spot on United States’ largest cryptocurrency exchanges.


Quantstamp found 2 flaws in Bancor’s smart contract code

(April 7th, 2018) - Quantstamp recently did an audit of 5 Bancor’s smart contract and noticed some potential code flaws that could lead to a malicious attack in the future.


Mysterious Developer bitPico Claims Responsibility for Lightning Network DoS Attack

(April 7th, 2018) - Mysterious Bitcoin developer bitPico has confirmed rumors that they have launched an attack against the Lightning Network’s nascent mainnet implementation.


George Soros Makes Spectacular U-Turn on Cryptocurrency

(April 6th, 2018) - Billionaire George Soros has made an impressive turn-around on his stance on Bitcoin and digital currencies. The Hungarian-American investor is apparently now planning to trade cryptocurrencies through his family office. The news comes just three months since Soros called crypto a “bubble” and that investors were operating on “some kind of misunderstanding.”


Cryptocurrencies Aren’t in Any Competition with Fiat Currencies, Says SNB Member

(April 6th, 2018) - A member of the Swiss National Bank Governing Board (SNB) has argued that cryptocurrencies aren’t in any competition with traditional fiat currencies.


SEC Quietly Puts Bitcoin ETF Proposals Back on the Table

(April 6th, 2018) - The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has quietly begun considering two Bitcoin ETF proposals, public documents show.

According to SEC documents dated March 23, the agency has instituted formal proceedings to determine whether to approve a rule change that would allow NYSE Arca to list two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) proposed by fund provider ProShares.


ICOs Are 'Absolutely Not' All Fraudulent Says the Chairman of the SEC

(April 6th, 2018) - SEC chairman Jay Clayton on Thursday defended the agency’s recent regulatory steps on cryptocurrency, arguing that oversight will strengthen the industry.

During a talk at Princeton University, Clayton also responded “absolutely not” to a question as to whether all ICOs were fraudulent, CoinDesk reports. Clayton went to explain the SEC’s steps to combat fraud will help the cryptocurrency industry develop.

Source: Fortune

Japanese Government Reviews Proposal to Legalize Initial Coin Offerings

(April 5th, 2018) - Japan is a very important region when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain. It now seems the country is preparing to accept initial coin offerings as well. Local legislators have unveiled guidelines for ICOs. This may very well set a global precedent for all other countries around the world as well.

Source: NewsBTC

Verge Hacked, Non-Fix Causes Fork, Dev Goes Bed, Solution? Tomorrow!

(April 5th, 2018) - Verge (XVG) has been hacked. “To successfully mine XVG blocks, every ‘next’ block must be of a different algo.. so for example scrypt,then x17, then lyra etc.,” OCminer, from Suprnova pool that mines countless of cryptos including Verge, says.


Ex-CEO of Mt. Gox Hosts Q&A

(April 4th, 2018) - Ex-CEO of Mt. Gox hosts an AMA on Reddit.

UPDATE  - Top 10 Best Questions for Mark Karpelès

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