Ethereum falls after rumors of a powerful mining chip surface

(March 27th, 2018) - Rumors of a new ASIC mining rig from Bitmain have driven Ethereum prices well below their one-week high of $585. An ASIC – or Application-specific integrated circuit – in the cryptocurrency world is a chip that designers create for the specific purpose of mining a single currency. Early Bitcoin ASICs, for example, drove adoption up and then, in some eyes, centralized Bitcoin mining in a few hands, thereby thwarting the decentralized ethos of die-hard cryptocurrency fans.

Source: TechCrunch

Monero Battles Miners, Threatens With Algorithm Upgrade

(March 27th, 2018) - Monero Developers have threatened to go any length in fighting miners. The threat is coming after Bitmain made an announcement this month that it designed a new ASIC-powered Antminer X3 purposely to mine Monero and cryptocurrencies that are dependent on CryptoNight algorithm.


EU’s New Privacy Laws Could Be The Downfall Of Blockchain Business

(March 27th, 2018) - EU issues a new set of rules pertaining to its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that affects the blockchain-based applications negatively while impeding the growth of EU blockchain industry.


ERC20 Tokens Surge Ahead of New Coinbase Listings

(March 27th, 2018) - Coinbase is poised to list its first new crypto assets of 2018 and one coin that’s unlikely to make the list is ripple. The U.S. exchange, whose CEO Brian Armstrong is known for his love of all things ethereum, has all but confirmed that its next additions will be ERC20 tokens. 0x and REP (Augur’s native token) surged in price as investors hone in on the likeliest tokens to make the cut.


Litepay Reportedly Ceases All Operations

(March 26th, 2018) - The highly-anticipated LitePay payment application, which was set to allow users to use Litecoin (LTC) for transactions, has reportedly ceased all operations.


Bitcoin is Gaining Legitimacy in Europe as Dutch Court Deems it Transferable Value

(March 26th, 2018) - Earlier this week, a Dutch court described bitcoin as a transferable value during a case that requested Koinz Trading BV to pay mining proceeds worth $5,000, or 0.591.

The court explicitly stated that property rights apply to bitcoin, given that as a cryptocurrency, it is able to transfer value in a peer-to-peer manner. The court went on to note that the cryptocurrency is a legitimate transferable value.


Israel Officially Declares Bitcoin Is Not a Security

(March 26th, 2018) - Israel Securities Authority (ISA) Committee for the Examination and Regulation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) issued a series of “recommendations designed to dispel uncertainty and strike a balance between technological innovation and the protection of the investors.” Included in their findings were whether cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are considered securities – a decision carrying major implications for future regulation.


France Plans to Support (Regulate) ICO Startups

(March 26th, 2018) - After countless concerns, France is announcing the creation of a legislation that will regulate Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in order to support new projects, according to an announcement made by the French's Finance Minister. 


Yahoo Japan Plans to Open Cryptocurrency Exchange

(March 25th, 2018) - Yahoo Japan, the internet behemoth hailing from Japan, is planning to enter the market of cryptocurrency exchanges, if a report by Nikkei Asian review is to be believed. The move will cause a significant shift in the whole industry, as Yahoo Japan can change the rules of the game owing to its deep pockets.


Two Australian State Politicians Reveal Bitcoin Holdings

(March 25th, 2018) - Two sitting ministers from the legislature of the Australian state of Queensland have revealed that they privately own bitcoin. The declarations have been made for the state’s register of members’ interests – which lists information including the properties, trusts, and union memberships of Queensland’s politicians.


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