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Are Today’s Cryptocurrency “Experts” Ready to Become Tomorrow’s Consultants?

In response to the article "Are Today’s Cryptocurrency “Experts” Ready to Become Tomorrow’s Consultants?"

I would say the answer is, on average, an overwhelming: Absolutely Not. Charts are very handy, new "innovative" solutions look good, and money is fantastic. However when this shift inevitably occurs (again) the near totality of this space will be consumed by emerging and existing enterprises which will be competitively implementing these new solutions. Considering the potential landscape a few years from now can be very helpful in the long term.

This is why in my opinion a handful of well-built, innovative projects may have the potential to be the "lion's share" in terms of ROI given the temporal positioning and trajectory of this industry.

One of these may be Komodo. Much like Linux, Komodo is uncompromising in its adherence to decentralization. They successfully completed the first cross-chan atomic swap (think: LTC to BTC, no exchange, peer to peer, uncensorable), and have clocked >20k transactions-per-second on mainnet (very important). Here's a video I did a while back on Komodo: Komodo (KMD) : More than Meets the Eye

Ardor is another potential candidate. An improvement on the NXT client, the oldest stable proof-of-stake coin, Ardor allows for permissioned child-chains, which are highly suitable for their Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) approach. Triffic and Dominium are two existing companies currently working with Ardor to undergo a tokenization of existing assets and expand into additional digital services (such as user-perks, lower fees, and transparency) using this tech.

These are just two projects that may have the potential to surprise existing and emerging industries who at present largely view crypto and blockchain as either a novelty or are adamantly vying for its legitimacy in the eyes of the majority.



Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. I am just an individual freely offering their opinions and speculation on general observations.


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