News Peruse: May 2, 2018 - Tariffs, Routers, and Venezuela! Oh, my!

Crypto Coffee Update: 5/2(Wed) & 5/3(Thu) – Centralization Explained: An Unyielding Force

Crypto Coffee Update: 4/30(Mon) & 5/1(Tue) - Federal Reserve Says 'Bitcoin Like Cash'

Deutsche Bank In Dire Straits! Good for Crypto?

News Peruse: April 28, 2018 - French Finance, Laughable Lee, and Larimer Lamentations

BCH vs BTC - The Courts Are Now Involved!

Crypto Coffee Update: 4/27(Fri) to 4/29(Sun) – Unshackling Social Media!

Crypto Coffee Update: 4/25(Wed) & 4/26(Thu) - Battling Bitcoin Bias! Who Tells the Story?

Crypto Coffee Update: 4/23(Mon) & 4/24(Tue) - EOS: Who's Involved? A Lot To Take In!

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